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The Junior Board Of Rock Island, Serving Children Since 1935

The Junior Board Of Rock Island, A Common Goal

Junior Board of Rock Island is an organization of women. They are mothers, daughters, friends and wives. They are in the workforce - sitting at desks, selling real estate, working with animals and keeping their house in order. They pick up their children from school and make dinner for their families.

And they volunteer thousands of hours through Junior Board of Rock Island for children throughout the Quad-Cities.

Junior Board began in 1935. For more than 79 years, members of the organization have juggled a career and family while donating their time, efforts and personal funds to make the nonprofit organization succeed.

The group's primary focus is supporting the Trinity Visiting Nurse and Homecare Association (TVNHA), and the NEST Newborn program, which provides home visits by a nurse to new mothers in Iowa and Illinois.

But that just skims the surface of what Junior Board accomplishes each year.

Dozens of schools throughout the Quad Cities have benefited from the organization's donation of winter apparel to the Shoes That Fit Program. Junior Board has also provided school supplies to several programs including Zonta's First Day Fund and the Martin Luther King Center, which gives students who cannot afford new school supplies the necessary tools to succeed.

Members often donate their own money to help fund programs such as these, but Junior Board also hosts an annual Mardi Gras Charity Ball. March marked the organization's 75th annual event, with over 475 in attendance raising thousands of dollars.

While members enjoy giving back to the community that gives so much to them, many say it is the female companionship and friendships that attract them to the organization.

The Junior Board of Rock Island News

2014 Annual June Dinner

On June 9th, members of Junior Board of Rock Island gathered for their annual June dinner at Rock Island Arsenal Country Club to transition the new leadership and kick off the new year. Junior Board would like to thank the outgoing officers for a fantastic year. They are

  • President: Angie Pearson
  • Vice President: Britt Bartels
  • Recording Secretary: Sarah Liddell
  • Corresponding Secretary: Sara Wynn
  • Treasurer: Jen Pearson

We welcome the new officers, and they are:

  • President: Britt Bartels
  • Vice President: Anjel Tweet
  • Recording Secretary: Sara Wynn
  • Corresponding Secretary: Heather McGeehon
  • Treasurer: Jen Pearson
2014-2015 Mardi Gras Charity Ball

The theme and chairs for the 76th Annual Mardi Gras have been announced by the Junior Board of Rock Island. The event, chaired by Lisa Maynard and Stephanie Oliver will be held February 14, 2015 at the Quad-Cities Waterfront Convention Center in Bettendorf. This year's theme will be “ Roaring 20's Valentine Ball.

Read about this years event.